5 Roguelikes / Roguelites to play in 2018 – Part 1

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1. Blazing Beaks

Quack cluck baawwwk! Be a chicken. Be a goose. Be a platypus. Be a parakeet. Be strategic.

I’ve played run after run of Blazing Beaks and all I can say is it’s addicting. Sometimes I’ll wanna smash my controller into a million pieces after being haunted by a ghost or having Bogy roll over me. But I’ll instantly start a new run for the excitement of the total randomness each play through provides.

I find this to be less run and gun and more figure out which enemies to shoot first while hiding around each floor.

I enjoy the artifact aspect of the game. You pick one up and you’ll be negatively impacted in various ways. From lowering your fire rate to stripping away all your keys to having the next shop be empty of new weaponry.

I have yet to play the various 2 player tournament modes but they look fun for when you have a group on the couch. Couch co-op is included as well.

The devs are constantly adding new items, artifacts, and guns with plans to add more world’s, enemies and bosses at a later time. I highly recommend checking it out and following their updates while in early access.

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2. Children of Morta

With a planned release set for mid 2018 I present to you Children of Morta.

A story driven roguelike where you play as members of the Bergson family, hacking and slashing their way across the ever changing world of  Mount Morta.

Each member of the family is equip with different weapons and skills for variety of play styles and replayabilty. Forge new weapons, find secrets, unlock the history and mysteries of Mount Morta.

I can’t wait to delve into Children of Morta later this year!

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3. City of Brass

Arabian Niiiiiiiiiiights, like arabian daaaaaaaaaaays! Okay, enough of that.

First person roguelite City of Brass places you in a 3d world of gold, traps, and skeletons!

Stun enemies with your whip and slice and dice your way through the city and find an assortment of treasure and greedy, but mostly friendly, genies to garner powerful advantages in this hardcore land of sand.

I’ve played this. You’ll die. Repeatedly. The graphics are stunning. The sounds are crisp with every slice, explosion, and ‘wahpssh’ of the whip.

One of very few early access games that  easily deserves the support.

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4. Dungreed

If you enjoyed Rogue Legacy you’ll love this game even more!

In Dungreed you play as an adventurer who saves townspeople from procedurally generated dungeons. Rescue someone and rebuild the town to upgrade your character in every aspect.

There’s swords, cannons, rifles, bows and arrows, pixel art food to chow down on for health and stat boosts and monsters galore! Skeletons, bats, magi, and bulls who stand on two feet! You can wield two weapons at a time but hold many with an assortment of other loot and accessories you can attach for boosts or sell at shops inside each level. If you die you lose almost everything besides some gold to spend in town. I’d recommend saving your gold as much as possible!

I’ve yet to defeat the first dungeons boss even after upgrading my attributes many of times. I know I’ll sink hours into this game grinding on the quest to say I beat it. I’m a sucker for Dungreed’s pixel art. Just released a few days with the small price tag of $10 I’d say it’s worth it. If you wanna give it chance before buying check out the demo: Here!

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5. Eagle Island

When did owls become so popular in gaming? Did Kaepora Gaebora start this? I dig it.

Eagle Island’s art is ahhhhhh so good! When I first played the demo I knew I’d be twiddling my thumbs waiting on a full release. Seeing the ‘Coming soon’ label on steam makes me we wanna build a time machine.

I had a little difficulty getting used to control scheme but it builds up rather quick so much that you’ll be throwing poor lil Koji at enemy after enemy in rapid speed. The difficulty is there which makes any game so much more rewarding when you get past a new point. There’s an assortment of animal, plant, and fungus baddies that have a slight Pokemon look to them.

Inspired by roguelikes and metroidvanias of the past, my two favorite genres, I’m more than ready to become Quill and throw my lil friend in to the sky over and over again! Poor Koji’s lil head 🙁

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