5 Roguelikes / Roguelites to play in 2018 – Part 2

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1. Hermodr

Doom with rogue-like elements! Let’s be honest that’s what people are going to call this. Looks to be deserving of the M for Mature rating of it’s counterpart. What I’m saying is it looks disgustingly evil. What I’m saying is it looks like the pixelated home of the devil himself!

Hermodr is an oldschool FPS where you play as an unnamed hero on the descent to Niflheim to meet, and I’m assuming attempt to defeat, the goddess of death – Hel!

Packed with blood, guts, guns, dungeons, traps, devilish foes, brutal bosses, secrets and of course randomization(that’s what most of you are here for right?) Hermodr is wishlist worthy.

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2. Mana Spark

When I first played Mana Spark’s demo it reminded me of Angry Arrows(a favorite couch co-op game of mine) with it’s difficulty and well ya know ya shoot arrows. If a game holds my hand and babies me I’m bound to delete it. That’s not Mana Spark. I LOVE IT!

The only discrepancy I had while playing the demo was it’s lack of a progression system, something being added to the full release:

EXCITING PROGRESSION: Be responsible for rebuilding and maintaining your guild’s village. Meet new characters, choose your traps, your weapons and keep track of your discoveries and unlocked content.”

I’m a sucker for bow and arrow games. Something about waiting between shots and feeling helpless. Something about the dodge rolls. Something about being careful and precise. Idk what it is, but I LOVE IT! Draw, anchor, aim and release in Mana Spark!

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3. Moonlighter

Most jobs are a chore, ask Will, a shopkeeper from the village of Rynoka. Every night you’ll be forcing lil Will into the Gates outside of the village to experience all sorts of unique realms filled with various foes and bosses. Collect loot and resources to craft new gear or sell it in your shop to make that $krilla $krilla. Eh, more thrilling than most career paths even with the risk of death!

Moonlighter looks gorgeous and if the gameplay matches the detail of the pixel art then it may end up being one of my favorites this year. I’m gonna assume that this one’s already in a lot of wishlists. 🙂

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4. Spartan Fist

“Tap your inner badass, and punch dudes so hard they explode.”

Who doesn’t like the sound of that?! I know you’ve at least once thought about cracking some fool’s skull to a fine dust…or maybe that’s just me…eeeeeeeeeeither way!

Spartan Fist is a roguelike first person ‘puncher’ where you play as Emma Jones on her quest to retrieve the fabled Spartan Fist. Leave a bloody mess of voxels as you punch your way through colorful noggins. Switch fists like equipping guns all with unique capabilities.

Pile on the combos and bust some heads into fine wine brain juice in Spartan Fist!

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5. Wrack: Exoverse

There was a time back in middle and early highschool where  in any computer class if I had the chance I’d play a tower defense game while ALT + TABBING when a teacher walked by. Who could ever forget the classic Desktop Tower Defense! Since then I’ve been utterly bored when trying any game of the genre. Doesn’t matter what’s added it always feels so samey and generic. Then one night deep into one of my game searching quests I find Wrack: Exoverse!

“Introducing the first ever tower defense first-person shooter… with rogue-like elements! “

Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY! Game changer.

Defend procedurally generated worlds while constructing mazes of towers as you run around blasting an assortment of creatures. Select from 4 characters each with their own unique weapon, turret, and attributes to ‘kick alien ass’. Progress and collect money to unlock bigger, badder, and more destructive weapons and towers! Or you can gamble it away…

The cell shaded graphics give off a heavy comic book vibe that definitely gives it it’s own look and feel. I hope Wrack: Exoverse brings tower defense back to life!

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