6 Couch Co-Op Games for Best Friends and Soul Mates

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There’s always an assortment of competitive/party games that you can load up for head to head combat to prove you’re the top button masher in the room. But what if you want to play as a team? I know, for my girlfriend and I, we struggle finding games worth playing together, where we have a common goal that we both enjoy. Here’s our very short list, in order of most well known to largely unheard of Couch Co-Op games, that we find fun, addicting, mind boggling, and more!

Warning! These games could possibly destroy your relationship! You may accidentally yell at your friends or significant other while in a session! Don’t take it to heart! It’s all in fun we promise!

1. Overcooked

Oh Overcooked. To 3 star every level, as a couple, is such a good feeling.

If you don’t know this one I’m assuming you’re from another planet. Welcome to Earth. What do we do for fun? Sometimes we act as Chefs in the most hectic restaurant in existence.

Chop this! Chop that! I need this! I need that! Gimme the acorn! They’re onions not acorns! Clean some plates! Throw it away! Wrong order! Put it in the pot! Extinguisher! Extinguisher! Everything is on FIRE!

The basic goal of Overcooked is to complete orders for customers as quickly as possible before time runs out. But good luck doing that when each kitchen becomes a whole new puzzle and challenge. Many times you’ll need to take a step back and ponder on what would be the quickest way to finish the recipes in relation to the format of each level. It’s not about taste here. You’ll need to become a fast food chain if you want 3 stars.

Slip and slide on ice! Be a daredevil rushing between a split-in-half food truck on the go! Distribute pots and pans across floating rocks in molten lava! Be the best Chefs in outer space!

I love this game. My girlfriend loves this game. Always waiting on new content for this one.

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2. Ibb & Obb

Gravity goes both ways in the world of Ibb & Obb. You’ll need a lot patience and out of the box puzzle solving skills to complete this one. My girlfriend and I were sometimes left for hours, scratching our heads, befuddled on how to complete certain levels.

You’ll need to work together each stage often jumping off each other’s heads, bouncing off trampolines, and floating in bubbles, in this physics based platformer, as well as, popping spiky enemies on one side of gravity, as your counterpart does the same for you.

This game can be utterly devastating when you’ve solved a puzzle in your head but keep missing the jump or dying while attempting the solution. As a result, every time you finish a section you’re filled with relief and a huge sense of accomplishment.

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3. Towerfall Ascension

My girlfriend is an arrow hoarder I swear! I have to bump into her repeatedly or I’m almost defenseless, left only to stomping heads in Towerfall Ascension.

The retro arcade feel of Towerfall is wonderful. Launch and retrieve your arrows in pixel perfect tiny stages filled with enemies all sporting their own unique attacks that will leave you dead but always wanting more. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “Just one more try!” from my gf to end up restarting a stage 20 or more times!

There’s an assortment of modes, maps, and customization to mix it up and keep things interesting in Towerfall Ascension!

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4. Shift Happens

Feel connected as one while playing as Bismo and Plom, two blobs of jelly, in Shift Happens!

After a tragic accident Bismo and Plom are left in a weird predicament. They can now shift their weight and height between each other! Every stage you’ll have to work as a team using this mechanic along with blocks, trampolines, glass floors, levers, buttons, and more to solve over 40 challenging puzzles.

If you’re a fan of Ibb & Obb I’d definitely give this one a go. You’ll surely laugh many times when killing your friend after mistakenly shifting sizes or when purposely launching your partner to their death! 🙂

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5. Angry Arrows

Angry Arrows is TOUGH!

I find many gamers won’t touch a game with simplistic graphics because they see them and somehow formulate that that makes the game ‘easy’ and/or ‘childish’. I’d love to a put a controller in their hands and launch Angry Arrows.

You’ll need to be stealthy as the AI does NOT mess around in this game! Be precise when launching arrows or run for cover! Make one little mistake and you’ll surely die over and over and OVER again! Save hostages, collect coins, splatter blood everywhere in Angry Arrows!

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6. No Heroes Here

In No Heroes Here you work as a team to craft cannon balls, cannon powder, and other ammunition to defend your castle from an onslaught of enemies. As you progress through the levels the difficulty hikes with additions such as torches you must keep lit to keep your castle’s equipment from freezing over.

This is another TOUGH game! My girlfriend and I have yet to finish this one, but I think it’s worth checking out, especially if you’re fan of Overcooked and such!

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Have some suggestions for couch co-op games? Leave them in the comments!

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