Today In Devlopment: Valfaris – 2d Metal Infused Action Platformer

by | Feb 18, 2018 | Action, Platformer | 0 comments

From the same team who brought you Slain: Back From Hell comes another 2d action platformer that bleeds the heaviest riffs.

The world of Valfaris, set in deep space, looks even more disgusting. Honestly, is┬áthat not some of the most metal looking pixel art you’ve ever seen? The detail is engrossing.

You play as a brave son of Valfaris as he finds his home covered in darkness. You’ll explore this realm to find an assortment of weapons. Swords? Axes? Guns that spit molten metal? Yep! It has it all. But each weapon will be drastically different in terms of ammo, fuel, and story. Some will drain your blood when in use. Others require spirits as fuel.

I can’t wait to see some gameplay and I hope it’s as hardcore as the creatures look grim. Avenge your home and die repeatedly in the process? Sounds frickin sick.

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