Today in Development – Brock Crocodile – 90’s style Adventure Platformer

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Adventure, Platformer | 0 comments

On June 23rd, 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog was born. About 24 hours later this guy RIGHT HERE fell out between his mother legs with a Genesis controller already in hand. 😉

Now 20 something years later(don’t make me be exact I feel soooo old) comes Brock Crocodile!

Set on Crocodillian Island, where four of the most mischievous villains are up to no good, it’s Brock’s job to foil the plot. Suited with a whip and a fruitgun, Brock Crocodile sways across a variety of levels collecting gems to spend in town, finding secrets in nonlinear stages, and fighting a diverse lineup of bosses with clever dialogue and puns launched their way! Choose your path! Overcome enemies and obstacles in your own fashion! Slip down slides of honey and make each level your jungle gym!

Heavily inspired by platformers of the past, Brock Crocodile looks like my childhood. How I miss it!

I’m ready for Brock, with his whip and hat, looking like a scaly Indiana Jones, to swing onto my desktop!


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