Today in Development: Furwind – Foxy Adventure Platformer

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Adventure, Platformer | 0 comments

I HATE BATS! Pesky lil flappers destroy me in most games. Even in Furwind’s recently released Demo I fail at swatting them to death with my furry tail. 🙁

Don’t let my lack of skill deter you though as Furwind is a wonderful homage to classic platformers while still standing on it’s own.

The vibrantly themed pixel art levels of Furwind aren’t easy. You won’t be able to run, passing by each enemy, just to get to the end. In fact, you won’t be allowed to proceed to the next stage without exploring each realm, defeating two minor boss enemies, and putting together a emblem of sorts.

I struggled with this task in the dark cave themed area of the demo. BATS I TELL YA! 

Still, difficulty is something I find lacking in many platformers. Most are too easy. Others like N++ and Super Meat Boy are a chore for some less hardcore gamers. Furwind is somewhere smack dab in the middle and that’s what kept me fulfilled throughout the Demo.

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to die 9000 times before finishing a level, but I don’t want to be able to just prance my way to the finish line either, ya feel?

I’ll surely be giving Furwind a go, when it releases in full, hopefully later this year!

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