Today in Development – Leilani’s Island – Adorable Tropical 2D Platformer

by | Feb 24, 2018 | Action, Adventure, Platformer | 0 comments

Described by developer Ishisoft, as a combination of Mario, Wario Land, and Donkey Kong, Leilani’s Island innovates the 2D platforming genre with hilarious enemy interactions filled with domino like chain reactions!

Kick cute duck butts, roll into coconuts, bounce from rope to rope, collect shells and power ups as Leilani fights to take back her home from a mechanical invasion!

4 years into development Leilani’s Island looks extremely well polished. It’s Mario on steroids. Put a flower in your hair, get comfy in your hammock, sip your drink of choice out of a coconut shell, and add this one to your wishlist! Hoping a demo drops soon!

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