Today in Development: Monster Sanctuary – Monster Collecting Metroidvania RPG

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Metroidvania, RPG | 0 comments

There’s a solid handful of creature capturing games on the horizon that make me scratch my head and wonder how Pokémon stays so relevant after sticking to the same format release after release, while hardly adding anything noteworthy.

Monster Sanctuary brings us a genre combo I haven’t personally seen, along with an assortment of unique aspects, helping it stand out as something new and original, and more than just a wannabe Pokémon.

You play as a Sanctuary Keeper, aided by Wolf, an ancient guardian of Monster Sanctuary, on a quest to explain why the monsters throughout the land have suddenly become hostile. Along the way you will obtain new monsters to add to your party, in the form of eggs. You’ll receive these eggs as rare drops, only attainable when defeating enemies with impeccable performance. Performance is highly based off of how many turns it takes to defeat said enemies.

The combat system is turned based with you in control of 3 monsters you’ve chosen to place in battle. You choose the action of each monster, which consumes mana that regenerates after every round of combat. To make combat a bit more interesting there’s a combo system reflective of every hit of an attack, heal or buff applied during a round. A higher combo will increase damage dealt from your monster’s attacks.

Each monster has individual skill trees that are highly customizable granting the player the ability to adapt to various conditions and weaknesses. Not only that, they all can be individualized with an assortment of equipment.

But to add even more substance Monster Sanctuary is a Metroidvania set in a huge world where you solve riddles, unlock new and surely secret areas, while progressing across the map after acquiring key items.

This is a mostly one man project which is impressive in itself. Don’t sleep on Monster Sanctuary!

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