Today in Development: Year In The Trees – Enchanted Forest Survival RPG

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Begin your new life in the ever-changing forest of Year In The Trees!

In Year In The Trees you seek to reclaim the lost story of how this magical forest, once inhabited by your ancestors, came to be. Learn to survive the environment and it’s creatures as you delve deeper into the wild. Die and live again on the same land puzzled in an unfamiliar fashion.

“Discover peaceful forest libraries, ancient stone ruins, hidden treetop cities, and crystalline caves. Encounter lone woodsmen and witches, bandits and scoundrels, and fantastical creatures both friend and foe. Involve yourself in the goings on of your neighbors in the nearby hamlet, or with the isolationist members a strange, druidic cult. But be wary; those who stay too long are forever changed. How will you spend your year?”

Year In The Trees incorporates farming, fishing, foraging, and fighting giving players the ability to direct their advancement dependent on their own play style connected to the discovery and crafting system. As you progress you’ll receive a range of materials to develop an assortment of items that potentially unlock additional crafting recipes, all furthering the growth of your abilities and wealth. While death is permanent in Year In The Trees your past can bring forth upgrades and items to future playthroughs.

The pixel art is stunning and the re-playability seems boundless. Survive a year in the forest of secrets in Year In The Trees!

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