The Void Rains Upon Her Heart – Review and Giveaway!

by | Mar 3, 2018 | Action, Bullet Hell, Roguelike | 1 comment

In The Void Rains Upon Her Heart, a boss rush bullet hell shmup with rogue-lite elements, you play as an alien girl trapped inside a cave who must befriend monsters with the power of love to escape ‘The Void‘!

In Story Mode you control alien girl’s heart which automatically shoots monsters with mini hearts of love or charge her on up and blast out ultra-hearts! Focus and weave between enemy attacks or use Panic to disintegrate anything that surrounds you!

Between every battle you will be given the choice of which monster to face. Each monster will possess their own unique attacks, gifts, and ‘Tetrids‘ labeled by cards. Defeating a monster lends you these gifts/cards which will power up your heart in the current run. Tetrids will be spent between runs to permanently unlock gift/card information giving you the ability to see which rewards will be gained when defeating a monster.

TVRUHH explores heavy emotional themes such as depression, anxiety, and suicide. I felt as if the cave was my room, the monsters were my thoughts, and The Void was everything outside my door.

I’m not a huge fan of shoot ’em ups but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing TVRUHH, putting in upwards of a few hours and completing the easiest form of the Story Mode the first time I picked it up. My only gripe has been the amount of monsters available to choose from but with TVRUHH being in Early Access I hope more will be added as it heads toward it’s full release.

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Content Warning! TVRUHH contains light non-sexual nudity.

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